Product Overview of NOVOBRUSH

A well established supplier of brushes and applicators, manufactured by stamping, flocking and glueing technique we have historically specialized in product development and fully automated manufacture in the following areas:

We manufacture Brushes and Applicators for:

Brushes and Applicators for Cosmetics and Pharmaceutics

Cosmetics & Pharmaceutics

  • Brushes for Screw Caps
Brushes for individual usage a) for closure assembly or b) for manual use

Industrial, Arts & Crafts

  • Brushes for Screw Caps
  • Brushes for manual use

We engage in both the design and manufacture of brushes including the development of tools and machinery for mass production. Our skilled team of engineers and support staff is readily accessible and will work closely with you during all stages of product development.

We are also happy to offer integrated product packaging services, including printing and labelling.

For inquiries please contact us by phone or via e-mail through our contact us section. We look forward to working with you.
Yours truly,                  

Walter Schmidt