Leading manufacturer of Brushes and Applicators

Founded in 1930 and headquartered in Weidenbach, Germany, our firm was created by Georg Schmidt, the father of the current sole proprietor, and started as a factory for artist and small brushes. Since then our company has continued to innovate and reinvest in itself. Starting in the year 2000, we operate under a new name, Novobrush GmbH and have realigned our primary focus to the manufacture of products for dental, pharmaceutical, industrial and cosmetic applications. Specializing in internally engineered, fully automated production techniques, we have grown to become one of the leading, low cost manufacturers of brushes and applicators in the world today.

Plastic mould departmentFlexibility, high problem solving skills and our modern machinery, which includes injection moulding machines and a variety of devices for tufting and flocking are dependable factors in our continued success and high degree of customer satisfaction.
While many of our products were designed internally, we are aware of the dynamics of  today’s continously evolving markets and their consistent demand for new, customized solutions. We are proud to offer product design and development services, during which our clients work in close collaboration with our product engineers and experts.

From the manufacture of plastic components, to the production of brushes and applicators, and finally packaging, all essential processes are completed internally at Novobrush. The employment of modernized finishing techniques such as plasma pre-treatment, ultrasonic and high frequency welding, quality control camera surveillance, and a high standard for superior quality shared by all our employees, ensures the top quality our customers all over the globe have come to rely on.

The realization of our clients‘ ever increasing demands through strong, lasting relationships built on close cooperation, is our highest priority.

Yours truly,

Walter Schmidt


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